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Courvoisier: GTR Toolkit


Over recent years Courvoisier have seen the cognac category slowing down - in most part due to two reasons: the austerity measures in China and the Russian – Ukraine Crisis, which has resulted in our competitors re-entering the price war across Europe in both, the domestic and travel retail markets.   That said, the category has been challenged before and each time has bounced back and delivered positive growth – at its peak in 2012 the cognac category was worth almost 13 million cases globally (including domestic & travel retail markets).   We were tasked to create a new GTR toolkit that would define the future for the cognac category with the launch of elegant and premium packaging for both domestic & travel retail markets. In Travel Retail, we will build a luxury brand with a distinctive voice by introducing the Global Travel Retail guidelines and and ultimately reflect the Master Blender’s art. Each of the expressions within the Artisan Range is a unique journey into his mastery of the wood ageing process, craftsmanship and taste.


The GTR toolkit was designed to demonstrate how retail architecture should be built. the toolkit provides a wide range of brand and build guidelines which standardise how retail activations should look in Airside placements. 


Using the Global brand guidelines as a base, we cerated guides for colour, brand positioning. Tone of voice, materials, dimensions and best practice to ensure that every build carried a consistent design and level of quality. The Toolkit was distributed to all markets where product is sold and translated locally depending on what the language requirements were.




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