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ROVA: Brand Visual Identity


ROVA builds the most useful financial services platform for the African citizen. Sending, spending and receiving money across borders can be fraught with friction and high charges. Inflation in many jurisdictions where global citizens may earn income or save can make the journey to financial freedom a longer one.

Brand Visual Identity Refresh

We were tasked to redevelop brand identity for the ROVA ahead of its launch in 2022 to bring it in line with the companies new vision of becoming the most useful financial services platform for global citizens.

Through understanding a detailed communications brief and after gathering feedback from a number of focus groups, we quickly identified a route for the new identity. The core deliverables of the project were a suite of assets that the client could use for any type of application, presentation templates and a Brand Visual Identity Guideline (BVI).

In addition to this, we also created conceptual artwork for their smart phone app and new cards which were featured in the main guideline toolkit as guides for suppliers to use when going into production or for when content needed to be developed for digital applications.




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